Tag: Sand

  • Treasure digging in sand

    Treasure digging in sand

    Hide some nice glass beads, gems or any shiny loose parts and coins in wet sand. Use tools like colanders, kitchen tongs, brushes and other bowls. Let the gold digging begin. Do make sure to put covers on a good portion of your floor or get this done outside in the sand pit.

  • Coloured salt jars

    Coloured salt jars

    Make some rainbow magic salt jars using fine salt and chalk. Just pour some salt on a paper and rub the chalk on the salt until you get the desired colour. Fill some empty jars. If you want to avoid mixing the colours make sure you fill it to the top and push the salt…

  • Play idea – at the beach

    Play idea – at the beach

    This was entirely Sophie’s ideea. She misses her granny and wanted to pretend she is at hers and they go to the beach. Giving the lockdown and middle of winter we went full on as this is the closest she gets. Take out all your beach gear and have fun. Don’t forget your sun cream!

  • Stay home ideas 5

    Stay home ideas 5

    Sand play (warning – it gets messy) and painting rainbows for kids to spot on their walks. This depends where you live, some countries put teddies in the window, here in Scotland we have rainbows.

  • Baby safe sand play

    Baby safe sand play

    Easiest activity ever cornmeal or semolina and sand toys

  • Pretend water & sand play

    Pretend water & sand play

    This is one of the firsts tuff spots I made for my little one. What you need: semolina or cornmeal for sand; blue or transparent gelatine; seaside/ocean figurines; sand scoops. Use the gelatine straight from the fridge for an interesting sensory experience.

  • Sand & shaving cream play

    Sand & shaving cream play

    This activity is better for the summer, but you can do it indoor too if you wish. Gather a bucket of sand next time you’re going to the seaside. Mix it with shaving cream. With a set of pots and spoons this becomes great play material.