Tag: sensory play

  • Treasure digging in sand

    Treasure digging in sand

    Hide some nice glass beads, gems or any shiny loose parts and coins in wet sand. Use tools like colanders, kitchen tongs, brushes and other bowls. Let the gold digging begin. Do make sure to put covers on a good portion of your floor or get this done outside in the sand pit.

  • Painting on snow

    Painting on snow

    We are trying to make the most of the snow indoors and outdoors as it’s unlikely to have it for long. Here’s an indoor idea with snow. Bring some snow in a plastic box and dilute some paints with water (or use food colouring). Painting works better on snow balls. Don’t forget to put a…

  • Guess the fabric – tactile challenge

    Guess the fabric – tactile challenge

    Teach your child the names of fabrics, what they are made of and how they feel than cover their eyes and ask them to guess their names by walking or touching them.

  • Musical wine glasses

    Musical wine glasses

    Always been fascinated by the sounds of the crystal glasses. It turns out any cheap wine glass does the job. To do it with your kids is best to have a waterproof base and stick the glasses to the base with tape. Pour different quantities of water to the glasses as this results in different…

  • Cardboard rocket project

    Cardboard rocket project

    Build a rocket from cardboard boxes. I used thermawrap insulation and party banners to decorate it, but you can also use aluminium foil. Print some signs like NASA logo, flags and a view from space for a pretend window. Put a chair with seat belt (I used the swing chair) or improvise one. For the…

  • Fruit & vegetable stamps

    Fruit & vegetable stamps

    I have not posted in a while. With lockdown lifted we try our best to get out for walks and other activities. Here’s our last indoor project idea. Make some stamps for painting from celery, lemons, apples or patatoes. Get a big cardboard and some paint and let the mess begin. Do make sure to…

  • Painting bread

    Painting bread

    All you need is a couple of slices of white bread and some diluted paints (food colouring can also be used).

  • Fluffy cornstarch

    Fluffy cornstarch

    Mix shaving foam with corn flour until you obtain a fluffy yet moldable consistency. Great for pretend snow play with some penguins or just as sensory play. Do take note the smell of the shaving foam can be strong for some sensitive kids. Playing outdoors with it might be better in that case.

  • Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Freeze some ice trays with coloured water (use food colouring). Add sprinkles, glitter, beads or other small decorations. To make big blocks of ice use plastic containers or lunch boxes. Add Frozen characters or North Pole figurines if your child is not a fan of the Disney film. You can add some warm water to…

  • Frog swamp

    Frog swamp

    Here’s a messy play idea with the bog mud made of flour, water and a bit of food colouring. Add lizards, frogs, plants, stones and plastic insects.