Tag: Sewing

  • Miniature felt ice skates ornament

    Miniature felt ice skates ornament

    One of the sweetest little ornaments you’ve seen. Little ice skates made of felt with paperclips for the blades. They are very easy to make. Work your way up from the paper clip to get the right size of the boots.

  • Old short storage box

    Old short storage box

    I made this from cardboard and and old cotton shirt. If you are not good at sewing then use a glue gun to fix the fabric to the box.

  • Chores & Lifelong skills

    Chores & Lifelong skills

    My little ones love helping with cooking, dusting or wiping floors. They can practice how to use scissors and knives, graters, brooms, vacuums and other instruments. She had great fun learning how to sew with a jumbo plastic needle and cardboard. We are doing different shapes like squares or triangles.

  • Yarn wigs

    Yarn wigs

    I made some yarn wigs for a Halloween party a while back. It turns out they are great for pretend play. You need yarn, a few bits of fabric preferably felt, a needle with thread or a sewing machine and some elastic band. The red wig was very easy to make just use an elastic…

  • Doll house furniture

    Doll house furniture

    Here is  a use for empty boxes and fabric scraps. What you need: fabric scraps; cardboard boxes; glue gun; lids; flower heads; cotton balls or pillow filler. Cut the desired shapes and glue fabric or wrapping paper on. Put some filling under the fabric. For the table I used an ice cream box. For the…