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  • Stay home ideas 6

    Stay home ideas 6

    Here’s some of today’s highlights: – hot chocolate outside – practicing letters – sensory shaving foam & colours bag

  • Sand & shaving cream play

    Sand & shaving cream play

    This activity is better for the summer, but you can do it indoor too if you wish. Gather a bucket of sand next time you’re going to the seaside. Mix it with shaving cream. With a set of pots and spoons this becomes great play material.

  • Ice cream parlour

    Ice cream parlour

    I don’t think I’ve seen a child who does not love ice cream so here is a play idea which can’t go wrong. What I used: Shaving cream; Plastic ice cream cones (or you can use real ones); Cupcake moulds; Ice cream scoop and spoons; Bowls and other kitchen utensils; Piping bag; Liquid water colours…

  • Car wash station

    Car wash station

    What you need: Shaving foam; A few toy cars; A tray/plastic sheet; Brushes or sponges A bowl with warm water and a towel. Just spray some shaving foam on a tray and place the cars and brushes on it. Super easy, but you need to wash the child after. Mine decided to cover herself in…