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  • Halloween snacks

    Halloween snacks

    Here are some easy Halloween ideas. Crackers spiders, cheese brooms and orange pumpkins.

  • Grapes & toothpicks geometric/stem shapes

    Grapes & toothpicks geometric/stem shapes

    Make snack time playful and sciency. All you need are some grapes and toothpicks to make these 3D shapes. You can also replace grapes with gummy candies or play-dough balls.  

  • Edible chu chu train

    Edible chu chu train

    Here is a presentation idea for your vegetables or other snacks. Perfect for winter holidays, but you can adjust the setting to fit a transport themed party or other themes. What I’ve used: Big peppers; Cucumber slices; Food to load the train (sausages, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks); Toothpicks; Toy train track; Artificial trees; Christmas light…

  • Wrap slices

    Wrap slices

    Here’s another simple and good looking snack ideea. Sausage and pate wrap slices. What you need: tortilla wraps; liver pate or soft cheese; hot dog sausages. Spread, wrap the sausages, slice and serve!

  • Savory cake

    Savory cake

    Preparing a party and need some interesting ideas easy to make? How about a fancy version of a sandwich? A savory cake, no baking, no cooking, no fuss. What you need: Thin sliced bread; Soft cheese; Smoked salmon; Vegetables (cucumber, cherry tomatoes, radish); This is a no brainer. Just a bunch of sandwiches on top…