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  • Snow vulcano

    Snow vulcano

    This volcano was requested again, this time in the snow. Yet again I only had red dye so the final result looked like a massacre. All you need for this is baking soda, vinegar and some colour. I used powder pigment for this.

  • Painting on snow

    Painting on snow

    We are trying to make the most of the snow indoors and outdoors as it’s unlikely to have it for long. Here’s an indoor idea with snow. Bring some snow in a plastic box and dilute some paints with water (or use food colouring). Painting works better on snow balls. Don’t forget to put a…

  • Find me snow trail & car play

    Find me snow trail & car play

    Sophie’s idea – a hide and seek variation where you leave a trail in the snow. The car play might be even better in deeper snow. Get those diggers and tractors out. Make the mini roads with a mini sand shovel.

  • Drawings in the snow

    Drawings in the snow

    Use the snow as canvas and give the kids some sticks to draw or write on it.

  • Milk bottle snowmen

    Milk bottle snowmen

    Similar to the Halloween lanterns you can make snowmen and add funny hats or ear mufs and orange felt noses. Use a glue gun and quality paints to beat the rain and snow or use a spray to seal your work. Cut the bottle at the back to add lights.

  • Snowman wooden sign

    Snowman wooden sign

    Find an old wooden plank and paint a snowman with acrylics. Use it for your outdoor decor. You could add some wording if you have space (welcome or let it snow). Seal it with some waterproof glossy spray.

  • Christmas village

    Christmas village

    I made a beautiful Christmas village with a few handmade cardboard and fabric houses, some instant snow, miniature trees and statues and some lights. I also hidden Alexa in one of the houses so our little town has music too.

  • Fluffy cornstarch

    Fluffy cornstarch

    Mix shaving foam with corn flour until you obtain a fluffy yet moldable consistency. Great for pretend snow play with some penguins or just as sensory play. Do take note the smell of the shaving foam can be strong for some sensitive kids. Playing outdoors with it might be better in that case.

  • Winter sports sensory bin

    Winter sports sensory bin

    Who does not like fake snow for some sensory play particularly when you don’t have actual snow? Get a big tube of snow online or from a Christmas market and add cold water for a frosty result. Add small figurines. I used the Paw Patrol Advent Calendar. It came with loads of puppies on snowboards…

  • Glitter & coloured salt snowflakes

    Glitter & coloured salt snowflakes

    Great winter activity suitable for a wide range of ages. Wat you need: A printer to print some snowflake patterns; PVA glue; Fine table salt; Glitter; Small paint brush an ice tray to mix the paint; Liquid watercolours or normal paints disolved in a bit of water. Follow the contour of the snowflake with a…