Tag: Stones

  • Witch cauldron fire pit

    Witch cauldron fire pit

    Tie 3 bamboo sticks together, make a stone circle underneath and add a few logs or sticks in the middle. Get a cheap plastic cauldron and tie it to the bamboo sticks. This must be the cheapest and easiest Halloween decoration ever. You can always add a battery operated candle or some fairy lights under…

  • Slate painting

    Slate painting

    Same thing as painting pebbles: acrylic markers and sealent spray. I used some broken slates to make houses and an old tile to make a multi-storey block. You can put them in your garden or in a fairy corner.

  • Painted peebles 2

    Painted peebles 2

    Insects, snails and frogs. Used glitter because they were meant to be used in a fairy garden for my little ones. I used acrylic pains as well as acrylic markers and spray for waterproof finish.

  • Painted pebbles

    Painted pebbles

    This is the adult version of the painted rocks post. Find or buy a few nice and round pebbles and paint them white or black depending on the background needed. If the background colour is not black then apply the selected colour on white for a more vibrant ┬ácolour. To paint the bugs and mushrooms…

  • Learning numbers with stones

    Learning numbers with stones

    Here are some ideas to help little ones with their numeracy skills. All you need is stones, chalk and some containers. You can use the stones for counting or tracing numbers and shapes.  

  • Kids stone painting

    Kids stone painting

    Summer is here so go the nearest river and gather a few stones to paint with your little ones. They do not have to be perfect. Let your little ones be the artists. Hide them in the garden and use for playing activities.