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  • Space sensory bin

    Space sensory bin

    I think it was time for a non autumn related activity so here is our space inspired bin. My eldest spent over an hour playing, but she did ask for an improvement: add coins so that the astronauts have a treasure hunt on this unknown planet. How did I not think of that? My husband…

  • Harvest play

    Harvest play

    I go often to farms to pick fruit or pumpkins, but this activity is great for learning more about farming, harvest, plants and how the food grows. You need a box, some soil/potting mix, gardening tools and some small root veggies like: onions, radishes, turnips, beetroot, carrots, patatoes or parsnip. DIg, plant and harvest and…

  • Autumn pasta play

    Autumn pasta play

    Easy sensory bin play with uncooked pasta and autumn related materials (cones, nuts, chestnuts, leaves and other natural materials). Just let the children mix and play. My eldest made me pizza, soups and pasta.

  • Savannah & jungle tuff spot

    Savannah & jungle tuff spot

    Get a bunch of jungle & savannah animals and create a setting using a variety of materials like sand, soil, trees, leaves, stones, pasta, cacao yogurt, pom poms and so on. Reuse what you can save.  

  • Elsa’s frozen hand activity

    Elsa’s frozen hand activity

    Great play idea for a hot or cold day or during . This Frozen themed activity is refreshing and very entertaining for any Frozen fans. We put songs in the background and my little one wanted to wear her Elsa & Ana hat and gloves. This is also a great STEM activity to learn the…

  • Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

    Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

    This came about from discovering a big bag of expired quinoa in my pantry. Hubby bought it, but I am not a fan and have managed to make it lost in the cupboard. It turned out to be an excellent sensory bin filler. What you need: Scoops; Ice cream cones; Plates, cups and spoons; Other…

  • Baby safe sand play

    Baby safe sand play

    Easiest activity ever cornmeal or semolina and sand toys

  • Little baby baker messy play

    Little baby baker messy play

    Here is a safe to sample activity for small babies who might not just yet be ready to help out in the kitchen. Put some dough and flour on a messy tray and loads of kitchen ustensills (avoid sharp objects). Add some toy cookies and cakes and let them explore. My little one enjoyed this…

  • Pretend water & sand play

    Pretend water & sand play

    This is one of the firsts tuff spots I made for my little one. What you need: semolina or cornmeal for sand; blue or transparent gelatine; seaside/ocean figurines; sand scoops. Use the gelatine straight from the fridge for an interesting sensory experience.

  • Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Great play idea with coloured rice, some pipes and kitchen utensils. A colour explosion!!!