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  • Drawings in the snow

    Drawings in the snow

    Use the snow as canvas and give the kids some sticks to draw or write on it.

  • Space cardboard collage

    Space cardboard collage

    Sorry for my absence. Between work and school I have little time left for the blog. I love a big cardboard collage. It’s a fun way of doing homework or learning. I use them for discoverig different topics or to practice writing, drawing or counting as well as refine fine motor skills by perfecting cutting…

  • Placard making – stay home ideas 9

    Placard making – stay home ideas 9

    We’ve taken part in the Scottish CND challenge #windowsforpeace to make a placard and display it in the window. Stamping, cutting and sticking, writing and coloring on a cardboard kept them occupied for hours.

  • Stay home ideas 6

    Stay home ideas 6

    Here’s some of today’s highlights: – hot chocolate outside – practicing letters – sensory shaving foam & colours bag