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  • Sticks spiderweb – eco friendly decorations

    Sticks spiderweb – eco friendly decorations

    Start with a walk in the nearby woods and gather a few sticks from some fallen branches. Then form a star with 3 or 4 of them and stick them together in the middle with some string or tape (not that green but masking tape is slightly better). Then run some yarn from one stick…

  • Yarn wigs

    Yarn wigs

    I made some yarn wigs for a Halloween party a while back. It turns out they are great for pretend play. You need yarn, a few bits of fabric preferably felt, a needle with thread or a sewing machine and some elastic band. The red wig was very easy to make just use an elastic…

  • Yarn wrapped lettters

    Yarn wrapped lettters

    Great for wall name writing in nurseries or other rooms. What you need: cardboard; glue (UHU or glue gun); yarn; decorative buttons; hanging hooks (I used the plastic easy removing ones). Write and carve the letters you need from the cardboard (or use ready made letters sold in libraries or craft shops). Put glue on…