Tutu hamper/basket

This can be used at parties to put gift bags or can be used as a photo prop (for kids or babies).

What you need:

  • A hamper;
  • Loads of tulle;
  • Ribbon;
  • A few flowers;
  • Needle and thread.

Cut the tulle in squares, twice as long as your basket. The numbers of squares needed depends on the size of your hamper. I made a few, sewed them on the ribbon and added more after. After you cut the fabric squares pinch the middle and lift. You’re looking to get a sort of triangular shape with more layers of fabric. Sew them on the ribbon. Once you’ve done the whole length needed for your basket, tie it on the outside. Add flowers to decorate.

If you plan to use it for baby photos, fill it with bean bag or a soft blanket.